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smilyYesterday we worked on our portfolios. We wanted to do an acrostic with our names. Therefore I wrote my own name on the board and tryed to find some good adjectives:


A…anstrengend (tiring, only sometimes :-) )

N…neugierig (curious)


R…redselig (talkative)


And I couldn´t find another adjecitve with “a”. So I asked the kids.

Common answer after about 1 second:

ALT (old)

#schoolanecdotes #schulanekdoten

(c) Foto von Dieter Draxl

(c) Foto von Dieter Draxl

A few weeks ago I´ve got new glasses.

When I turned up on a monday morning in school the kids came up to me, looked at me and were surprised to see me with glasses. I explained that I wear contact-lenses too but as my glasses are new I´m happy to have and to show them.

One boy looks at me critically and asks:

Does that mean you will never wear contact-lenses again?

I answered that I might wear the contacts from time to time.

His answer:

Thank God!

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neugierig wie ein Floh (2)5th class primary. We talk about our eyes, how they work and our visual senses. Therefore we watch a film where it is stated, that we laugh with our eyes too. If we do so we can recognise eye-wrinkles  – a sure sign for an authentic laughter.

After the lesson one of my girls comes up to me, nearly crying. I ask her what happened and if she would like to talk about her grief.

She desperately looks at me and says:

You know, Sandra, if I laugh I really mean it and my laughter really is authentic, but there are absolutely no eye-wrinkles in my face! Does that mean, that my laughter is a fake?

10 years and no eye-wrinkles: a huge problem! :-)


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